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World Cancer Research Day: Inspiring Hope for Tomorrow

By Stephanie Hannigan

Every year on September 24th, the healthcare and research communities come together to acknowledge World Cancer Research Day. This year's theme, "Integrating Diversity, Advancing Research, and Achieving Equity," resonates deeply with Inspirata's core values.

Technology and research have always been closely interwoven. However, with the growing importance of data, it's become even more imperative for healthcare and research organizations to harness the power of AI and NLP to expedite advances in cancer research. By leveraging these technologies, organizations can analyze vast amounts of data and gain insights that can lead to breakthroughs in cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

For over two decades, we've proudly worked alongside the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to refine our oncology-optimized AI/NLP engine. This technology powers two critical solutions, Trial Navigator and E-Path Plus, both of which are designed to handle the clinical staff's time-consuming manual processes, allowing them to redirect their efforts toward more impactful value-added tasks. Trial Navigator also directly supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in cancer clinical trials, with the goal of every patient having equal access to relevant trials, regardless of their background or ethnicity.

As we look back on our two decades in the oncology space, we're filled with pride for the part we've played thus far and optimism for the future of cancer research. We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring each and every patient benefits from the power of technology and research for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

For a closer look into how Inspirata is doing its part to integrate diversity, advance research, and achieve equity, check out these resources:

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