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Stronger Together, Enabled Through Technology.

By Tyke Czekalski

As businesses grow, diverse groups come together. They pool resources and collaborate to become more efficient and effective.

Scalability is at the heart of it all, and healthcare is no exception. In fact, togetherness in healthcare is arguably more important now than ever.

At Inspirata we focus on patients' healthcare journey, beginning with their diagnosis. We have observed many challenges in diagnostics globally from a diminishing number of physician experts to the growing complexity of tests, screenings and medical procedures. Such challenges create an opportunity to drive change in the way diagnostics clinicians and labs are organized.

Consequently, pathology and clinical laboratories are pooling their resources and looking to become more efficient to meet their patient needs while managing significant resource constraints.

Digital pathology is a method to pool cases from groups of hospitals, NHS Trusts and other pathology laboratories to distribute them effectively across geographies instantly. It is an ideal tool to create LEAN workflows and optimize efficiencies for a limited number of expert pathologists. Inspirata’s Digital Pathology solution, Dynamyx, was built for exactly this purpose. Therefore, it leverages the technology, provided by our partner, Loadbalancer, for scalability and high availability.

Dynamyx has been certified to work with Loadbalancer to facilitate the scalability and performance expected by our pathologist users.

Taking advantage of a seamlessly integrated environment with Loadbalancer, Dynamyx provides the federation between locations, groups and individuals that our healthcare systems are requesting. In addition, this partnership offers best-in-class uptime, security and system performance to ensure that pathologists can concentrate on what they need to focus on — namely, their patients.

Tyke Czekalski is a Principal Software Engineer on the Dynamyx product team at Inspirata, Inc.

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