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Introducing Inspirata Blog 2.0

By Emil Mladenov

Back in May 2020, at the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Inspirata team was very much focused on supporting the healthcare community through the crisis. We were offering advice on how to leverage digitization to allow for better social distancing and account for capacity constraints due to staffing and pent-up demand. For that reason, the first iteration of our blog covered mostly topics related to the benefits of digital transformation in the pathology department.

Broadening Our Horizons

Despite that intentionally narrower editorial focus, we have always been planning to cover the multifaceted critical roles technology plays in healthcare. Inspirata, itself, offers technology solutions that focus as much on cancer informatics as they do on pathology. Therefore, we are elevating the scope of our blog to include the exchange of ideas on digitization and application of AI and NLP in broader terms.

A Glimpse into Upcoming Posts

The Inspirata team has been working hard over the past several months to leverage myriad experiences with customers and bring forward more thought leadership pieces on digital transformation in oncology. Some of our posts will continue to focus exclusively on digital pathology. Others will venture into additional areas where we see ways to improve clinicians' productivity and improve patient outcomes through technology. Here is a small sample of what is due to be published soon:

  • Leveraging technology to improve clinical trial match rates
  • The case for automation in cancer registry reporting and case abstraction
  • NLP applications for pathologists

Stay tuned for exciting new content and please consider contributing to the exchange of ideas by commenting on our posts or submitting an article of your own.

Tags: ai, cancer informatics, NLP